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Check out Positano Italy: Stroll Behind the Chic Facades | Travel

February 4, 2010

I want you to take a look at: Positano Italy: Stroll Behind the Chic Facades | Travel 

This is on my all-time MUST DO bucket list…so I’m daydreamin right now!

Journey of a Lifetime

February 2, 2010

The Journey Of A Lifetime is a new reality travel entertainment show… with a heart. By swapping passwords for passports, bandwidth for air speed and URLs for real locations, Journey Of A Lifetime helps transform the lives of young adults by enabling them to actually touch down in far away places that until then had been merely pixels on a computer screen. To take them where the Internet ends…and real life experience begins!

Ready to start your own experience with Journey Of A Lifetime? Learn about the inspiration behind the show, meet our co-hosts, and register to become a part of this incredible adventure.

The Inspiration

“The world at your fingertips.” At no other time in modern history has this phrase been more apropos, especially for today’s youth and young adults. With the “i-Generation” making e-sites like MYSPACE their virtual bedroom and YouTube their personal stage, the Internet has become one great big global meeting place for them all. A place where young people blog, email, upload & download, file share and IM or just simply chat. Millions of like-minded community members using those fingertips to define themselves while staring into a 2 dimensional world.

But herein lies a paradox of global proportions: those fingertips are stuck at home.

Although technology today makes it easy for youth and young adults to expose themselves to places, people and things that would normally be out of reach, they still seek out adventurous and meaningful ways to enrich their lives. For many of them travel is the answer. But, travel can be expensive and in the US, travel is not encouraged and accepted as a right of passage for young people like it is abroad.

So how do young adults on the hunt for self-discovery in the outside world get the opportunity?

They go on The Journey Of A Lifetime!!