Kendell Lang, the Real Estate Professional Serving the Construction & Marketing Needs of MMJ Operators

The budding medical marijuana (MMJ) industry may carry huge potential for revenue, but it’s also demanding on capital and this is because controlled environment agriculture isn’t cheap! Demands on electricity, water and fertilizer are steep and the cost of equipment, staff, security and facilities, as well as the maintenance thereof, all cost a pretty penny. The consequences of this is that if you start without the necessary capital, you could find your grow operation in dire straits before you’ve even harvested your first crop of cannabis.

MMJ growers have extraordinarily unique real estate and capital requirements that commercial real estate professionals are mostly unable or unwilling to cater to. A grow operation needs land, they need specialized facilities equipped with energy-intensive lighting, irrigation systems, security and all kinds of expensive high tech and/or farming equipment. This is where real estate professional Kendell Lang offers to step in with his Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), Fusion Properties Management Group, which doesn’t only provide single purpose real estate to state-licensed MMJ businesses, but also sales/leaseback agreements that can give these businesses the capital they need to grow.

“You need to be extremely familiar with the life sciences and with controlled environment agriculture to understand and anticipate the needs of MMJ grow operations,” explains Kendell Lang. “And then you need the capital to be able to give these MMJ businesses what they need. Here at Fusion Properties we do all of this. We can provide real estate with customized, turnkey growing facilities that meet the needs of the individual grower. We can buy a company’s property and lease it back to them, thereby freeing up the precious capital they could be using to fund the grow operation. We also supply proprietary construction materials that can undercut traditional costs by up to 50%.

“We listen carefully to our prospective tenant’s needs, we then sit down with them and plan a strategic course of action that caters explicitly to these needs and we make it happen,” says real estate professional Kendell Lang.

Lang also has an extensive history as a social media keynote speaker and with his experience in digital marketing, he gladly offers a hand to tenants to really help their business grow and prosper. “In this highly competitive industry, MMJ growers need to establish a brand and make that brand synonymous with quality, just as Levi’s have done for jeans and Coca Cola for soft drinks,” explains Kendell Lang. “A strategic digital marketing plan that leverages the power of social media can achieve this. Moreover, it can mean the difference between success and failure.”

Fusion Properties may specialize in single purpose real estate, construction and tenant improvements, but Kendell Lang, as a social media keynote speaker, knows how to help clients achieve massive success through online marketing and he extends this additional service to tenants of Fusion.

Contact Real Estate Professional Kendell Lang

If you are a state-licensed medical marijuana cultivator or manufacturer and would like to learn more about using social media to boost your business, or Fusion Properties’ real estate and construction services, contact Kendell Lang at +1 760 445 3315 or go to to schedule a discovery call.

Kendell Lang
CEO & Principal Investor
Oriental Center, Suite P1 | 254 Munoz Rivera Avenue | San Juan | Puerto Rico | 00918
Phone: +1 760 445 3315

You can see Kendell Lang live in action on his YouTube Channel or sign up for one of his Webinars Here. Learn more about his Consulting Services or even book this Social Media Keynote Speaker to present to your company or at one of your events!

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