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Kendell Lang a Real Estate Expert With a Solution for All Medical Marijuana Growers

March 20, 2017

Medical marijuana has become an enormously profitable industry, which is not only evident in the massive figures generated (legally) last year (US $6.7 billion in North America) but also in its projected annual growth rate of a staggering 25%. There are currently an estimated 5,000+ state-licensed medical marijuana growers operating across North America and with the industry’s projected growth, this number is expected to steadily increase, even more so as local governments pass ordinances and issue permits to generate much-needed revenue.

It would seem to be a simple equation: more state-licensed medical marijuana growers = the greater need for real estate. But it’s not that simple. Consider the fact that even though medical marijuana is legal in 28 states and Washington D.C., this natural resource is still a Schedule 1 substance in the eyes of the federal law. This sets up a web of laws and restrictions the average grower has to navigate in order to locate real estate they can use for growing and harvesting their crops. Working with a federally illegal substance imposes a myriad of other challenges and obstacles on growers, not the least of which is a lack of co-operation from banks and traditional real estate agencies and therefore, denial to capital access.

The outcome of all these limiting factors is that medical marijuana growers need to back up their budding enterprises with a huge capital investment (typically without assistance from banks) or close their doors. Fortunately, there’s a new company in the marketplace and it’s offering medical marijuana growers the financial breathing room they need to become established in this flourishing industry by providing real estate management and development services. This company, Fusion Properties Management Group (FPMG), with real estate expert Kendell Lang as the founder and CEO, is paving the way to success for many licensed growers.

About Fusion Properties Management Group

“FPMG is a real estate development and asset management company that is focused on facility development, ownership and management for government-licensed and city-permitted growers of medical marijuana,” says real estate professional, Kendell Lang. “Our business is modeled after the highly successful Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) formula in the life science industry and our main drive is to provide cost-effective capital to medical marijuana growers so they aren’t having to use their capital for real estate investments.”

According to Kendell Lang, some of the services offered by FPMG include the selection, planning, development and management of sites, property, assets, construction, facilities, equipment and energy systems, as well as arranging permits and sourcing and structuring finances.

“Essentially, FPMG finds our clients real estate, which is licensed for cultivation of medical marijuana, in their area. This is a huge obstacle out of the way. We can then either build turnkey growing facilities and warehouses for them, or perform any necessary upgrades to the existing buildings,” explains real estate expert, Kendell Lang.

“Another facet of our service is to purchase real estate from medical marijuana growers and then lease it back to them at highly affordable rates. This returns to them all the capital they previously had locked up in real estate, which they can then use more profitably to drive and expand their operation.”

These comprehensive real estate services are providing immense relief to medical marijuana growers who are already heavily burdened with challenges. The ability to source licensed real estate or sell existing property to gain access to capital is breathing life into the industry at a grassroots level. More than ever before, there is hope for the MMJ growers to be able to fund a successful operation. If you are a state-licensed medical marijuana cultivator or manufacturer, you’re encouraged to submit your project to real estate expert Kendell Lang for consideration. 

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Real Estate Professional Kendell Lang Provides Rocket Fuel to Launch Medical Marijuana Grow Operations

March 9, 2017

At a wholesale price of up to $4,000 a pound, marijuana is one of the most expensive (legal) organic products in the world. Last year (2016), the cannabis industry was valued at US$6.7 billion and with an estimated annual growth rate of 25%, it’s no wonder more and more companies are eager to get on board with their own grow operations. But it’s here that they encounter a series of serious challenges, the most unavoidable, establishing and maintaining a medical marijuana grow facility which is enormously expensive.

Medical Marijuana Grow Facilities: Crippled By Lack Of Capital

Finding real estate that can legally be used for the cultivation of cannabis is one hurdle. Being able to afford that real estate and then build a facility that meets all state licensing requirements is another. Having the capital to purchase the necessary equipment and plants and then fund the ongoing power, water, staff and fertilizer demands is a third. According to Dave Gardner, consulting firm Colorado Cannabis Systems’ Senior Horticulturist, it can cost $700 to $750 in electricity alone to produce one pound of marijuana. And that is a conservative estimate.

And that’s not all. Where traditional businesses can effectively get off the ground with a bank loan, cannabis companies are denied services by most major U.S. banks because, at the federal level, cannabis is still an illegal substance. The consequence of this barrier (the exorbitant costs and the lack of bank services) is that budding medical marijuana grow operations are left crippled by a lack of capital before they can even compete in the market.

Fusion Properties Management Group, a REIT Offering Solutions

Real estate professional Kendell Lang, with his extensive background in the life sciences and controlled environment agriculture real estate, saw a dire need for a solution.

“With an excessive demand for capital being inherent to the medical marijuana grow industry, few MMJ businesses can truly afford to have their funds tied up in real estate. My solution was to create a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that would buy the land and facilities owned by these companies and lease it back to them at affordable rates,” explains real estate expert Kendell Lang. “This will free up millions of dollars in capital that can be used to fuel the grow operation and its expansion.”

And so Kendell Lang founded Fusion Properties Management Group, through which state-licensed medical marijuana grow operations can gain access to single purpose real estate, establish sale-leaseback agreements and get the capital they need to build grow facilities or upgrade existing structures. Real estate, however, is only one facet of what Fusion Properties does. It also functions as a construction materials manufacturing company with access to proprietary technology that allows them to build turnkey facilities with operating costs that are up to 50% lower than conventional construction.

“We really provide a comprehensive set of services for grow facilities,” says Kendell Lang. “We strive to establish and maintain the largest nationwide portfolio of single purpose real estate specifically for the cultivation of medical marijuana. Through our services, MMJ businesses can purchase real estate, sell real estate with a leaseback agreement in place, build state-of-the-art facilities or upgrade existing ones. Fusion Properties caters quite comprehensively to the industry’s needs with our real estate and construction services.”

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Brand Manager Kendell Lang Says Social Media Plays Pivotal Role In Business Success

March 2, 2017

Nowadays, a marketing strategy that does not include social media is fundamentally flawed and pretty much doomed to failure. Or at least that’s the opinion of Kendell Lang, an experienced brand manager and social media speaker. Kendell has worked in the domains of digital marketing and software development since their conception and what he sees in today’s marketing trends is that social media plays a pivotal role to business success.

Establishing a Two-Way Communication With Your Audience

“No amount of print advertising or expensive television ads can rival the reach, the market infiltration and the value of social media marketing,” says Kendell Lang. “With traditional advertising, you’re establishing a one-way communication with your audience, which isn’t really a conversation at all. With social media, you’re establishing a two-way communication and this holds incredible value for both you and your customers.”

Brand manager Kendell Lang views social media as an indispensible tool that benefits both the marketer (the business) and the audience (the customers). On the one hand, companies can benefit from this virtually free marketing avenue that has the potential to reach a vast audience without geographical limit. It also enables businesses to target their brand messaging to appeal to specific demographics, thereby saving time and money on appealing to people who wouldn’t be interested in their products and services in the first place.

But the communication goes both ways and customers also reap the rewards of using social media to find out more about the businesses, brands, products and services they’re interested in.

“People turn to social media for recommendations. They turn to sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Amazon, Foursquare, Yellowpages and other directory sites for other consumer’s opinions and reviews of the brands they’re considering,” explains social media speaker, Kendell Lang. “They’re also leaving reviews, and this is the most valuable source of feedback a business can get. Paying attention to what your customers are saying about you, even if it’s not always good, allows you to perfect your brand messaging and your products and services.”

The Power To Give Celebrity Status, Sometimes Overnight

Given the reach, the vast audiences and the number of social media sites out there in the virtual ether, using this medium as a tool for marketing truly holds manifold benefits for modern businesses of all size and within all industries. It has the potential – without spending thousands of dollars on expensive advertising campaigns – to give individuals and businesses celebrity status, in some cases, virtually overnight!

“Just look at the burgeoning medical marijuana industry,” says brand manager Kendell Lang, Fusion Media Marketing. “The number of businesses, dispensaries and grow operations are proliferating at lightning speed… faster than any other industry has for a very long time. In this sea of competition, the most visible and therefore most successful businesses are those that have leveraged the power of social media. They have done this to help them stand out, appeal to their target audience and establish a brand name and identity, just like Levi has for jeans and Starbucks for coffee.”

Looking at how much we all use social media on a daily basis, it’s easy to appreciate how it can be used to create a strong brand, whether that brand is a service, product or person. A powerful social media strategy is crucial to the success of the modern business; brand manager Kendell Lang can show you how to unlock this invaluable vault today…

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