Real Estate Professional Kendell Lang Provides Rocket Fuel to Launch Medical Marijuana Grow Operations

At a wholesale price of up to $4,000 a pound, marijuana is one of the most expensive (legal) organic products in the world. Last year (2016), the cannabis industry was valued at US$6.7 billion and with an estimated annual growth rate of 25%, it’s no wonder more and more companies are eager to get on board with their own grow operations. But it’s here that they encounter a series of serious challenges, the most unavoidable, establishing and maintaining a medical marijuana grow facility which is enormously expensive.

Medical Marijuana Grow Facilities: Crippled By Lack Of Capital

Finding real estate that can legally be used for the cultivation of cannabis is one hurdle. Being able to afford that real estate and then build a facility that meets all state licensing requirements is another. Having the capital to purchase the necessary equipment and plants and then fund the ongoing power, water, staff and fertilizer demands is a third. According to Dave Gardner, consulting firm Colorado Cannabis Systems’ Senior Horticulturist, it can cost $700 to $750 in electricity alone to produce one pound of marijuana. And that is a conservative estimate.

And that’s not all. Where traditional businesses can effectively get off the ground with a bank loan, cannabis companies are denied services by most major U.S. banks because, at the federal level, cannabis is still an illegal substance. The consequence of this barrier (the exorbitant costs and the lack of bank services) is that budding medical marijuana grow operations are left crippled by a lack of capital before they can even compete in the market.

Fusion Properties Management Group, a REIT Offering Solutions

Real estate professional Kendell Lang, with his extensive background in the life sciences and controlled environment agriculture real estate, saw a dire need for a solution.

“With an excessive demand for capital being inherent to the medical marijuana grow industry, few MMJ businesses can truly afford to have their funds tied up in real estate. My solution was to create a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that would buy the land and facilities owned by these companies and lease it back to them at affordable rates,” explains real estate expert Kendell Lang. “This will free up millions of dollars in capital that can be used to fuel the grow operation and its expansion.”

And so Kendell Lang founded Fusion Properties Management Group, through which state-licensed medical marijuana grow operations can gain access to single purpose real estate, establish sale-leaseback agreements and get the capital they need to build grow facilities or upgrade existing structures. Real estate, however, is only one facet of what Fusion Properties does. It also functions as a construction materials manufacturing company with access to proprietary technology that allows them to build turnkey facilities with operating costs that are up to 50% lower than conventional construction.

“We really provide a comprehensive set of services for grow facilities,” says Kendell Lang. “We strive to establish and maintain the largest nationwide portfolio of single purpose real estate specifically for the cultivation of medical marijuana. Through our services, MMJ businesses can purchase real estate, sell real estate with a leaseback agreement in place, build state-of-the-art facilities or upgrade existing ones. Fusion Properties caters quite comprehensively to the industry’s needs with our real estate and construction services.”

Contact Real Estate Professional Kendell Lang

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