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Social Media Expert Kendell Lang Explains Why MMJ Community Needs to Leverage the Power of Digital Marketing

February 22, 2017

In 2016, the medical marijuana industry generated an estimated US$6.7 billion according to the Arcview Market Research website, a truly staggering amount for a budding industry that’s not even technically legal at the federal level! But here’s the real shocker… According to Bloomberg Markets, medical marijuana is projected to be worth $50 billion in 2026! The moral of this story is that medical marijuana industry is huge and the playing field is ripe for bold entrepreneurs. Or at least this is what Kendell Lang believes, a real estate expert from Del Mar, California.

Why would a real estate expert care about medical marijuana?

As it turns out, Kendell Lang has forged a REIT called Fusion Properties Management Group that provides single purpose real estate and fully kitted out grow facilities for state-licensed medical cannabis growers. Kendell Lang, a true entrepreneur, has also spent decades working in digital marketing and has fused his passion for the life sciences (he has a degree in Biology), real estate and marketing to provide marijuana businesses with the ultimate tailored solutions to get their operations off the ground and on a course to stratospheric success!

“Marijuana-related businesses, just like any other business, need to focus a healthy portion of their time and capital on marketing and particularly social media marketing,” explains Kendell Lang. “However, given the plethora of advertising restrictions that have been put in place by state law-makers, it can prove tricky to craft a strategic marketing plan. You’ve got to proceed with the utmost caution and yet, with the increasing amount of competition blooming across the industry, you’ve also got to establish a powerful brand identity. You’ve got to saturate the market with your messaging if you’re to be establish yourself as the go-to brand for medical marijuana.”

How can a marijuana-related business market itself at a time when it’s still considered a Schedule 1 drug that needs to stay well out of eyesight and earshot of minors?

“It’s a tricky conundrum for marijuana businesses to figure out,” explains social media expert Kendell Lang. “Without industry-specific experience and without an intimate knowledge of the laws surrounding the marketing aspect, medical marijuana businesses risk hitting dead-end after dead-end in the labyrinth of advertising restrictions. That’s if they manage to stay in the law-makers’ good books! These difficulties are why we [Fusion Properties] offer all of our medical marijuana tenants a thorough marketing education and all the assistance they need to get their brand name visible to search engines and trending on social media. This is an additional service we offer through Fusion Properties because we know that our success lies in our tenant’s success.”

Kendell Lang is a social media and real estate expert on a mission so if you are a state-licensed medical marijuana cultivator or manufacturer and would like to learn about using social media to boost your business, or find out more about Fusion Properties’ real estate and construction services, contact Kendell Lang at +1 760 445 3315 or go to to schedule a discovery call.

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