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Brand Manager Kendell Lang Says Social Media Plays Pivotal Role In Business Success

March 2, 2017

Nowadays, a marketing strategy that does not include social media is fundamentally flawed and pretty much doomed to failure. Or at least that’s the opinion of Kendell Lang, an experienced brand manager and social media speaker. Kendell has worked in the domains of digital marketing and software development since their conception and what he sees in today’s marketing trends is that social media plays a pivotal role to business success.

Establishing a Two-Way Communication With Your Audience

“No amount of print advertising or expensive television ads can rival the reach, the market infiltration and the value of social media marketing,” says Kendell Lang. “With traditional advertising, you’re establishing a one-way communication with your audience, which isn’t really a conversation at all. With social media, you’re establishing a two-way communication and this holds incredible value for both you and your customers.”

Brand manager Kendell Lang views social media as an indispensible tool that benefits both the marketer (the business) and the audience (the customers). On the one hand, companies can benefit from this virtually free marketing avenue that has the potential to reach a vast audience without geographical limit. It also enables businesses to target their brand messaging to appeal to specific demographics, thereby saving time and money on appealing to people who wouldn’t be interested in their products and services in the first place.

But the communication goes both ways and customers also reap the rewards of using social media to find out more about the businesses, brands, products and services they’re interested in.

“People turn to social media for recommendations. They turn to sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Amazon, Foursquare, Yellowpages and other directory sites for other consumer’s opinions and reviews of the brands they’re considering,” explains social media speaker, Kendell Lang. “They’re also leaving reviews, and this is the most valuable source of feedback a business can get. Paying attention to what your customers are saying about you, even if it’s not always good, allows you to perfect your brand messaging and your products and services.”

The Power To Give Celebrity Status, Sometimes Overnight

Given the reach, the vast audiences and the number of social media sites out there in the virtual ether, using this medium as a tool for marketing truly holds manifold benefits for modern businesses of all size and within all industries. It has the potential – without spending thousands of dollars on expensive advertising campaigns – to give individuals and businesses celebrity status, in some cases, virtually overnight!

“Just look at the burgeoning medical marijuana industry,” says brand manager Kendell Lang, Fusion Media Marketing. “The number of businesses, dispensaries and grow operations are proliferating at lightning speed… faster than any other industry has for a very long time. In this sea of competition, the most visible and therefore most successful businesses are those that have leveraged the power of social media. They have done this to help them stand out, appeal to their target audience and establish a brand name and identity, just like Levi has for jeans and Starbucks for coffee.”

Looking at how much we all use social media on a daily basis, it’s easy to appreciate how it can be used to create a strong brand, whether that brand is a service, product or person. A powerful social media strategy is crucial to the success of the modern business; brand manager Kendell Lang can show you how to unlock this invaluable vault today…

Contact Social Media Speaker Kendell Lang

Kendell Lang
CEO & Principal Investor
Oriental Center, Suite P1 | 254 Munoz Rivera Avenue | San Juan | Puerto Rico | 00918
Phone: +1 760 445 3315

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Social Media Keynote Speaker Kendell Lang Explains How MMJ Operators Can Supercharge Their Digital Ranking

February 15, 2017

Social media is proven powerful ally in the realm of online marketing and business. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest used to be a way to connect and share media with friends and family, but now they’re also fundamental portals through which businesses can promote themselves and cultivate positive relationships with customers. Getting started with social media, however, can prove tricky, especially for businesses without any experience in digital marketing. Without a foolproof and tailored strategy, a trial-and-error approach to social media marketing can become time-consuming, expensive and bear little fruit.

This is where a professional social media keynote speaker like Kendell Lang can be of tremendous value, especially for budding medical marijuana (MMJ) businesses and operators…

Specialized Social Media Strategy for MMJ Operators

With decades’ worth of experience in digital marketing and, with a finger firmly on the pulse of social media, Kendell deeply understands the importance of this marketing avenue. Furthermore, with his education, background and current business in the life sciences and particularly controlled environment agriculture, Kendell Lang has a lot to say to budding MMJ operators, growers, manufacturers and distributers on how to rise above a very challenging market that’s simply bursting with competitors.

“Medical marijuana businesses operate within a rapidly expanding industry with incredible opportunities,” says Kendell Lang, social media keynote speaker. “However, with all this potential comes steep competition. This is not even to mention the incredible challenges the average MMJ business faces, which is why MMJ operators need to get on board with social media marketing and establish themselves as a powerful brand with the best products.”

A MMJ Real Estate Company That Helps Its Tenants Succeed

Kendell Lang is not only a social media keynote speaker, he is also the founder and CEO of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) called Fusion Properties Management Group that provides high quality real estate and specialized MMJ facilities to state-licensed cannabis tenants. “We don’t just aim to provide marijuana-related businesses with the real estate and facilities they need, Fusion also wants to teach our tenants to be the best marketers they can be so that they can have the highest sales, best brands and largest market share,” explains social media keynote speaker, Kendell Lang.

What are the important aspects budding MMJ business should pay attention to with their marketing? Kendell Lang provides a few tips…

  • Listen to and Interact with your Audience: “Social media is about two-way communication with your audience. Engage them, respond to them, even if their message or comment is bad,” says Kendell. “Don’t only use social media as a way to disseminate information. Make your audience like you by presenting the personality behind the brand.”
  • Build a Focused Social Media Strategy Based on Quality: “Your social media marketing strategy should be highly goal-orientated and focused,” says social media keynote speaker, Kendell Lang. “The minute you lose focus is the minute you start wasting dollars and time. Also, quality outplays quantity in the arena of social media. All the content you post should be high quality, engaging and sharable.”
  • Determine Important Industry Influencers: “You can piggyback your exposure onto the popularity of major industry players, which we call ‘social media influencers’. Spend a little time finding the online influencers in your market, people whose names are known throughout the industry and who have major audiences on social media. By mentioning these names in your content and linking to their sites, you’re more likely to catch their attention and possibly even build a relationship with them.”
  • Be Consistent and Accessible: “Establish a content publishing calendar to ensure that you post regularly and remain visible and front-of-mind with your audience,” explains social media keynote speaker, Kendell Lang. “If your brand cannot be easily found by your market, you’ll simply make way for your competitors. Be visible, post regularly, respond to comments and establish a conversation with your market.”

In Conclusion

All businesses, but especially MMJ businesses need to embrace social media marketing if they’re to secure themselves a lion’s share of the market. There are bountiful opportunities available in this budding industry but only smart social media strategy will enable businesses to overcome the challenges and enjoy incredible success.

Contact Social Media Keynote Speaker Kendell Lang

Kendell Lang
CEO & Principal Investor
Oriental Center, Suite P1 | 254 Munoz Rivera Avenue | San Juan | Puerto Rico | 00918
Phone: +1 760 445 3315

If you are a state-licensed medical marijuana cultivator or manufacturer and would like to learn more about using social media to supercharge your online visibility and rankings, contact social media keynote speaker Kendell Lang at +1 760 445 3315.

You can see Kendell Lang live in action on his YouTube Channel or sign up for one of his Webinars Here. Learn more about his Consulting Services or even book this Social Media Keynote Speaker to present to your company or at one of your events!

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